Case specification

If it’s about quality, we don’t compromise. Made from plastic, inflexible, frangible – we wanted to avoid all of those features. That’s why while we were designing our products, we paid attention to the material, we wanted it to be nice in touch (we hold our cases in hand almost for all the time, right?). But we want our products to meet also some other requirements… Thanks to use of TPU – elastic, weatherproof material – our cases cushion falls and don’t deform.

Should you keep your phone in a case?

We are sure that you know the situation when your smartphone fell down and you are praying for it to be in one piece. We also went through that, so when it comes to the first question, our answer is: of course! Our cases not only look good, but insure smartphone against scratches and damages in the first place.What is more each of our products has a special cutting for the camera, lamp or speaker – thanks to that usage of the cases is more comfortable. We do not want you to have to pull out the phone of the case every time when you want to charge it, so every of them has a direct access to receptacles and buttons. Transparent rims don’t get dirty as much as white and optically slenderize a case. And that’s all we want to say.

An original package

The devil is in the details, that’s why the package was very important for us. It’s coherent with our design and shows the best thing – case. Additionally, a special cutting allows to touch a case, thanks to that you can convince yourself about the quality of our products.